Polish newspaper: the air disaster, bird flu's occurrence and the earthquake, the flood is related. this is Chinese page, you can result in many。





EGU all member: This homepage may help you to forecast the world earthquake, the flood, the hurricane. . And tells you the air disaster the reason

   This homepage helps you to forecast the world earthquake, the flood, the storm. Using air disaster and epidemic situation forecast disaster. The hope contacts already many years with you, sends out the mail is returned. dingwrll@min.uni-muenchen.de,  is also returned for other organization's mail. My junior middle school record, the exploration thought is only an interest. Does not understand English to write this homepage. The leading article completed in 1985. Sends for the US, Taiwan, the Shanghai earthquake organizes. For advance notification world earthquake and each kind of disaster. The long-term use indicated that is correct. The world occurs the significant earthquake once gave advance notice. Iran, Pakistan, Japan, US, Indonesia. . . . Recently Bangladesh had the storm flood. . . . Recently British earthquake advance notification notice many Britain newspapers. Every year the world most big earthquakes gave advance notice. 80% earthquakes do not have the harm, does not make the advance notification. on December 24, 2004 "Christmas day Offered a gift" tells USGS “on 26th, the Indonesian big earthquake” gives advance notice the earthquake to the US already 20 years. Including flood, (Catlina hurricane) Mississippi river flood advance notification. I have no right in China to publish, also does not have the human rights. my article is plagiarized by the human. The Earth core auto-rotation rate the argument which is quicker than the earth's crust is I first proposed. Wrote in 1985 article, once sent for US's article, because the address error returned. (gave advance notice San Francisco in 1986 seven months on 20th earthquake) police copied when my family took away (contained this content). in 1995 to give advance notice that the Shanghai earthquake I wrote an article http://www.shaodl.com/yhyb.htm to write the Earth core to revolve the central rotation once more to earth's crust various levels, the speed not synchronization. For the Related organization and people's representative Yi-SuHua she is the leader in the Asian Pacific Ocean earthquake earth's crust research aspect. Nobody takes seriously. Later has had the violent earthquake. in 1996 the American Chinese people Song-XiaoDong publication “the core auto-rotation rate was quicker than the earth's crust.” for many years to give advance notice that the earthquake flood writes a letter FAX to many national governments and the embassy, the consulate. once said: “USGS experiences several generation of people, expense hundreds of billions can record the earthquake, cannot give advance notice the earthquake. I to tell you this thought to pay the research am more. If: You did not acknowledge that may dispute with me.”in April, 1987 organized to the Shanghai earthquake saying:“your thought is wrong cannot the predict earthquakes.”This homepage argument everybody can read. I in December, 2002 made the homepage for this reason.




Shao-Donglin 2008-1-22 Shanghai 

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British London police: About the air disaster, refers for you. on January 14 this mail gives many newspapers.Britain and France like the earthquake flood storm disaster?


e-mail graffiticrime@btp.pnn.police.uk

British natural magazine: Do you like the air disaster, plague, the flood, the earthquake, the hurricane, the financial crisis? 


 Colombia, Mexican, Venezuelan, Macedonia Bangladesh Republic newspaper:

  the air disaster and the diastrophism will have the connection, nearby the air disaster area will have the earthquake and the meteorological disaster, the storm, the flood; Snowstorm. Will pay attention to Albania also to have such event. little while ago the Turkish air disaster hadindicated the multiple earthquake's occurrence, has not ended. South Italy will have the earthquake and the volcanic eruption (Sicilia) north will also have the disaster.Around the

entire Mediterranean Sea has the connection. Including Spain. little while ago the French Toulouse had the air disaster and the American earthquake related, the American California earthquake has not finished. France and Britain will have the storm flood disaster. (once told AIRBUS) on January 13 Ohio and Florida has the small airplane crash the Pacific coast earthquake related (recent) to have the earthquake and the volcanic eruption with that latitude west in Mexico City (will not be serious)
Bangladesh will have the storm oncemore, the flood disaster
includes the Central America Pacific coast along the way, to nearby the Venezuelan Caribbean  seacoast and Colombia Medellin. Already had three air disasters. Was sorry very much, computer translation grammatical error 2008-1-14









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 3 - 5th.June Japan Tokyo  will take place M 6 - 7  earthquakes.(pay attention to Kush and Indonesia Jakarta )



Government in Peru and newspaper:

Capital city in Peru is nearby, will take place strong earthquake recently. earthquake later the cold current of air disappear. have already notified in May, the USGS .IRIS .EGU .

4 Junes.2007

Shanghai www.shaodl.com


challenger colombia

rev@seis.sc.edu geebugs@seis.sc.edu



 To http://www.iris.edu/seismon/

 Pay attention to these earthquake districts 



September 1\2007.The American California, central part will take place M7.0  earthquake

American California central M 7.0 earthquakes, the possibility takes place July in advance

(28\May 2007 complement)


Columbia-bogeta M 5.0


Chile-Sendiago M6.0.

Peru Lima M6.0.

Moscow M5.0.

New Zealand-north island M6.0.
Japan-Kush M6.0\
Shanghai eastern M5.0  

Hawaii-Makuli M6.0( volcano activity)

Spanish southeast M5.5

Italy- cc.northern M5.5 .

Indonesia-Jakarta M6.0

Kuwait M5.0.

Switzerland-Sulisi, M5.0  
Malawi M5.5  

TO Egyptian Kuwait government and newspaper letter

The crash,bird's flu has something to do with this region will take place of earthquake flood to fasten.Notice Kuwait earthquake occurrence.


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Australia newspaper:

Indonesia crash and bird's flu,earthquake,flood,the volcano activity are related.2004,December24, The mail give USGS Preannounce Indonesia heavy earthquake,2007,January13Preannounce earthquake for the mail Indonesia newspaper, but, Indonesia newspaper  nt open.

Please open www.shaodl.com


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This is the district of the earthquake and crash that takes place in the near future
The 2004 Decemberses  26 .heavy earthquakes took place ago of three crashs district.

(This is the mail that gives Indonesia government and newspaper)

Indonesia government, newspaper

The airplane sinks into with the region's earthquake, flood, the the the volcano contain connection, December 26 th earthquake sank in to have a connection with the JAVA airplane on November 30 th in 2004

The strange disease and earthquake of the Jakarta occurrence have a connection

The Shanghai China Shao donglin January 13, 2007


This is their mailbox address:




The open letter to The Austria Police Station and newspaper

The crash and bird's flu,earthquake,storm,flood are connections mutually.BE all performance of the earth crust sport, Indonesia is most obvious, on January 13th give out their mail is send back.World-wide locations some regions assemble a medium performance.Some regions take place in the not same position respectively, the partition is several 100 kilometers.All there is certain rule.

Ask read picture www.shaodl.com together

   BE translate by the computer

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Moscow newspaper

The Moscow takes place the bird's flu and crash, explaining the Moscow the region will take place earthquake, taking place similarly in London.Please open www.shaodl.com













The British and Ireland newspaper

Notice London earthquake

The northeast of London will take place medium strength earthquake necessarily in the near future.Pay attention to American California earthquake in the meantime.

The hope rectify.The bird's flu and earthquake\the airplane crash\the hurricane have a connection.Regularity.Ising not any regions can take place of(.Please open a picture.)


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Denmark,German newspaper;

Denmark south and German northwest bird's flu with is related the crash,earthquake of the occurrence.

.Notice;Indonesia,Turkey,Japanese bird's flu, related the strong earthquake or crash. The world-wide locations geology condition isn't same.Can't all take place earthquake.

This is mail to Moscow.

Please open picture elucidation www.shaodl.com








The capital city crash(include an airplane to collide with each other) and earthquake, flood, the hurricane is relevant

The Argentine government and newspaper: South America was every to take place the crash regions and will take place the rain-storm flood, perhaps hurricane disaster.The western region coast in this region will take place earthquake in the near future,(along the main course of river extension supremacy of the crash region swim is also the earthquake district.)Brazil state in Rio de Janeiro took place rain-storm flood first.

   Told you once and for many times before.The world-wide locations is also such, please visit www.shaodl.com.It is translate by the computer. Shanghai

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Warn again Cuba a government:the most serious hurricane disaster will arrive in the future Cuba

Please Cuba the government and newspaper to turn to tell a president, this is to dedicate a research the data of the weather to the president, will take place hurricane flood Cuba

Mr. president:

Please favor text web page www.shaodl.com.Will tell you as the whole world earthquake compatibly the elephant disaster predicts a method, very simple, Cuba the occurrence hurricane and the flood disaster,(BE translate by the computer)

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